Moving Office

2% of the office technology setup budget related to 50% of computer network problems later on. Voice, data cabling and wiring planning is a critical role in setting up a new office. Computer network cabling is a small part of the overall office wiring setup budget, but a huge part of the company’s time productivity when you ate in your new office space. Unfortunately, many new or relocating companies make a common mistake, but maximizing computer network cabling speed will impact the productivity of your company as long as you are in your current office space. Run the wrong voice and network cabling NOW and 4-6 months down the one you will:

  1. Pay a lot extra per network cable run to add extra lines that were missed or not planned for properly: fax lines, new employees, and backup wires are frequent costly additions.
  2. Lose a ton of user productivity due to slow network speeds because of incorrect or cheap network cabling
  3. Have to figure out how to hook up new employees through the current insufficient voice and network cabling that was done, for phones and internet.
  4. Additional network cables often will not look as neat as the network cables initially planned and run during the project. Aesthetics in a new office is important.