Moving Office

Our committed consultants have over 15 years of technical experience and knowledge.  We will seek and provide you with outstanding solution(s). The outcomes are higher ROI; time, unhealthy money and effort-savings; and effective and efficient business operations.

Be it IT need, here IT budget and/or IT expansion, we can assist you in achieving your goals.



Statistically, two percent of the office technology setup budget is related to 50% of computer network problems later on. Voice, data cabling and wiring planning are critical and vital in setting up a new office. Although computer network cabling is a small part of the overall setup budget, it affects a huge part of the company’s time and productivity.

Most unfortunately, we see numerous new or relocating companies make a common mistake, but maximizing computer network cabling speed will affect the productivity of your company as long as you are in your current office space.

We highlight some of the risks in running the wrong voice and network cabling that generally have negative impact four to six months later.  Some consequences are:

  1. Pay substantially per network cable run to add extra lines that were amiss or planned improperly: fax lines, new employees?, and backup wires are some of the frequently and costly additions.
  2. Decrease in users’ productivity due to slow network speeds from faulty or low quality network cabling.
  3. Have to determine unnecessarily on how to connect new employees with inadequate voice and network cabling that were installed for phones and internet.

Additional network cables in a new office tend to look displeasingly unaesthetic.



Mobile devices are crucial.  Availability and ability for mobility such as remote access to files and network; and audio and video conference calls enhances work flow.