Cost Plan

Outsourcing your IT locally

Novateck can help improve and add value to your business by setting up, erectile managing and maintaining your office technology.  You can be assured that our partnership will allow you to drive your business forward.  Whether your company is needing an affordable business technologies provider or relocating, approved we offer these services below:

As your primary and local IT department, we not only upkeep your office technology, we also train and equip your staff with relevant skills. The positive effect is we mutually contribute to the local economy.

Flat-Rate IT

Budget your IT expenses.

Arising issues can be resolved faster when your entire staff can call for support with access to varying levels of technical expertise without increasing monthly expenses or additional contracts. We have developed an advantageous system that comes in a 10-, 20- or 30-hour Flat Rate IT.

Flat Rate IT is suited for ad hoc support requirements with flexible usage – your business has various IT Support requirements each month. Moreover, with Flat Rate IT, you can save money with fewer issues, less downtime, and a no-surprise rate that’s designed to work.


Supplement Internal IT

Benefit from our flexibility

Perhaps, you already have an onsite IT department and/or a technical specialist. Rest assured, we have no inkling whatsoever to “replace” them. On the contrary, it is our utmost desire to supplement and assist alongside. When peculiar needs occur, we readily examine, lighten and carry the workload. Hence your operations function uninterruptedly. Short term engagements are available.

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